Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fathers Day

Mike didn't get to sleep in and Elijah got him a Mojo magazine he already had (boy better get with it), but it was a nice Fathers Day anyway. Mike is an excellent dad and does all the good dad stuff - he tickles with his mustache, he plays the scary snarling noise game, he shows Elijah youtube videos of zebras and laughing babies, and he sneaks Elijah tastes of ice cream and tomato. Here are some pics of Mike looking amazingly like his own dad in the '70s.

Lija Minelli

When Elijah is being particularly dramatic, this is the perfect new nickname: Lija Minelli. And he is bringing the drama lately! He has discovered his vocal chords and is exploring their full range. He has discovered that, with the right pitch and volume, he can make things happen...specifically, he can make 2 full grown adults cater to his every whim. Here are some of his more expressive faces in his slideshow debut, with costume changes, made on the occassion of his Taylor grandparents' retirement.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bath Time, Etc

One of the most visceral times of the day is bathtime. As we lower Elijah into the bath and his butt touches water, his face conveys a whole range of emotions: total betrayal, shock and disbelief, dismay, and, finally, acceptance. Kind of like the way I imagine Julius Caesar looked at Brutus that one time. He seems to be asking: How could you do this to me, the one who brought you so much joy and happiness?

We captured- to the best of our abilities- these heart wrenching faces. Then a moment later he was all cool with it.

Hanging out in his little easy chair.

Monday, June 8, 2009

June Baby

A few snaps of the little man from the past few weeks, including a few of a playdate he had with his friend Fiona, who is about three weeks older than he is. The lovely Fiona belongs to our pals Tom and Sarah Dawson.

Nobody can say we're not feeding this boy enough. Currently working on chin number three.