Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What It Do?

Wamp wamp, what it do?

Spring comes to the South in a storm of green. Much sunshine to walk Elijah through by day, many crickets and cicadas working overtime to lull him to sleep in the eve. Our tiny dude is getting bigger and more cognizant by the day. He's still hooked on the good stuff (i.e. milk), sleeping only when he has to. Otherwise, he spends his waking hours in the arms of Mom or Dad, or heading to the zone in the cushy play structure given to us by Ryan Fitzgerald (thanks Fitz!). Things are good here. Come on and visit!

Elijah enjoys a long and luxurious stretch when he wakes up in the morning. Mid-stretch, it often occurs to him that he's got a little more sleep in him. Then we get this kind of business. Check that position and cue up "The Final Countdown" or "Eye of the Tiger."

A few weeks back, we had a wonderful Easter/Passover celebration with our friends Brendan and Samantha (and many others) through the woods at Chez Womble. I went dressed as a weird forest Dad. While we told many jokes that day, Elijah is not laughing in that second picture- he's politely calling for a snifter of milk. While this blog is mainly a celebration of cuteness, I include this picture as a sobering reminder of just how powerful this small baby is.

Bathtime is getting more and more enjoyable. If my memory serves, this is bath number four.

Elijah 'Milk Face' Lee Taylor.

Elijah Lee on the yard.

Elijah delivers his "Milk and Sleep" address, April 27, 2009.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gotta make weight!

Elijah looks so mini to me in this picture, which is from week 1 of his life. At over 3 weeks now, he looks so much bigger to me...we'll see for sure at his 1 month weigh in on Thursday. I think, like any good pugilist, Elijah is trying to make weight: he basically has been on 4 hour eating binges in the past day, punctuated by short breaks to rest his cheeks for the next round. I think that when he hears my voice or is near me, he just starts thinking of food (like the cartoon characters who look at another animal and visualize a roasted turkey). Luckily, Mike is great a distracting Elijah from pigging out with walks in the sling, two-step dancing in the living room, and extended percussion jams.

Look alive, kid!

Here is evidence of Elijah's first smile that was not caused by a nervous system tic or a fart! Nana pulled out the toys with bells in them and Elijah really reacted with coos and smiles. He looks at our faces now and tries to imitate what we are doing - especially when Mike does it. He is trying SO hard to stick his tongue out at his dad, but can't quite clear his lower lip. Awfully cute, we think!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby fashions

Something about baby clothes (and the way they fit onto baby bodies) is just hilarious to us at the moment. Thus far, we identify 3 categories:

1) Aging golfer style. (Not pictured) When you pull pants up high on the pot belly over a tight, pastel onesie t-shirt, there is an unmistakable resemblance to old men on Florida's golf courses.

2) Raver style. Baby sweat pants are generally wide-legged affairs and there are lots of hoodie sweatshirts, sweaters, even towels! Pictured below...Elijah dressed for baby's first rave. Just wait till we give him a pacifier!

3) Hippie style. Now this is just something that we are cultivating for laughs. Elijah has some sweet hippie gear including some moccasins and this tie-dyed onesie direct from Mendocino, California and courtesy of Theresa & Arturo (THANKS guys!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elijah's first bath (April 1, 2009)

Elijah didn't quite know what to make of this situation, but I don't think he found it wholly unpleasant. More of these to come, more joy to be had.

First week at home

On our way home

On our way home

Day One


Hi friends and family,

This is our little corner of the electrosphere dedicated to Elijah Lee Taylor. Elijah was born on March 20, 2009- the first day of spring- at 11:55 PM. He weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz, and was 21.5 inches long. He enjoys breast milk, long walks through the woods, the baby sling, naps, and vintage soul, R&B, and country music. He is a mellow dude, but if you wind up on his bad side, he'll cut you.